The 5 Cs of a Quality Tech Camp

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There are plenty of options to fill your children’s summer schedules. Nature, sports, photography, dance, music, plus many more camps are available to entertain and educate your kids. If you’re reading this article, specialty technology options are probably high on your radar. STEM, STEAM, Robotics, Lego and increasingly Minecraft are becoming prevalent in the Pittsburgh region. Just the mention of the word, Minecraft, is sure to grab your child’s attention. It’s great to see kids excited about technology, creative camps, and classes, however we feel passionately about the need for parents to really do their homework when making a decision. All technology camps and especially those that mention Minecraft are not created equally!

 We know your time is at a premium and you don’t have time to complete an in-depth independent study to compare and contrast the variety of technology summer camps in our area. To help you in this endeavor we’ve created the 5 Cs; a list of the 5 most important topics to consider when evaluating the quality of your specialty technology summer camp options.

Your assignment:

Review each of our 5 Cs. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!


The instructors at Hi-Tech Learning are parents and veteran teachers who understand the enormous responsibility that comes with welcoming children into our camps.  We are 100% dedicated to ensuring the safety of your child when they are in our care.  Members of our team have all up to date clearances, background checks, and top-notch track records for working with young people.  Our passion and experience as educators and our commitment to your child’s safety, learning, and fun sets our team above the rest.

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We use Minecraft and other specially designed software as innovative tools for creation and learning. We do not design our programs using Minecraft as a gimmicky theme to fill seats. Our experience, research, and curriculum development methods have helped us leverage young people’s interests to help them achieve genuine learning and meaningful experiences that will help them well into the future. Each camp’s technical curriculum is developed in-house through a rigorous curriculum creation process. In addition to the technical skills, each camp is packed full of unique opportunities for face-to-face collaboration. We test and revise new learning activities continuously throughout the winter and spring.  When summer arrives, we have created two brand new polished camps ready for your child’s enjoyment!

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Hi-Tech Learning is not the cheapest option for your summer day camp needs, however we are the best value in specialty technology summer camps. We provide everything needed for your kids to enjoy an awesome week of coding, creating, and collaborating. We understand that multiple kids or multiple camps can really start to add up. Click here for special discounts. Carefully consider the other 4 Cs in this list and you will agree the experience we offer is impossible to beat.



No matter where you live in the Pittsburgh region or how crazy-packed your summer is, you won’t have to travel far or battle your schedule to find a Hi-Tech Learning camp option that works for you.

We offer flexible schedules at all of our locations. Our half day options are great for busy families. You don’t have to choose soccer camp or Hi-Tech Learning, do both! For families who need a full day camp solution, we offer complementing camps in the morning and afternoon at all locations. Sign your child up for both and they can stay with us for lunch!



99% of families from last summer agree their child had a great time at our summer camps! Our Google+ reviews are nothing but 5 stars! Our testimonials page will take you a minute to read, but go ahead! The piece of mind you can achieve from reading what real customers have to say is priceless. The feedback we get from families helps to fuel our energy and passion for providing the most outstanding specialty technology summer camp for Pittsburgh area kids.


Extra Credit:

Go ahead and compare each of Hi-Tech Learning’s Cs with any other specialty technology camp. We are proud of what we’ve created and can’t wait to share it with you! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

 We value your consideration and know that we may not be the right choice for all. However, if your child loves video games and/or Minecraft and you love the idea of them transforming that passion into a purposeful and educational activity that emphasizes face to face and digital collaboration, then Hi-Tech Learning may just be the perfect fit for your family!

If you already know you love us, register today!



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