What are Hi-Tech Learning camps really about?

Hi-Tech Learning does lots of amazing things in our camps each summer.  Our kids create video games, design 3D prints, create custom Minecraft worlds and more.  But, what ties all our programs together?  What motivates our staff and organization?  At the core of everything we do are two important beliefs.

Kids Need To Become Comfortable With The Creative Process

We show kids it’s possible to bring something to life from nothing.  Creating amazing digital products isn’t just for adults.  They can start now.  We teach technical skills in our camps, but there are other, more important things we foster in students.  We encourage them to get started with the messy business of creating something that doesn’t exist yet.  We help them work through the fact that things don’t start out perfect.  Their first version of a video game isn’t going to work, and that’s ok.  That’s the way it’s supposed to be.  It took Apple 5 years and hundreds of prototypes to create a working iPhone.  We want to help encourage the next generation of innovators, and the perseverance and familiarity with the creative process might be the most important things we teach.

workshop 2-11-15-25

In-Person Collaboration Still Matters

Yes, we know kids collaborate with their friends on the X-box, Playstation, and hand held devices.  But, there is still something truly unique and powerful about working together in-person to create something.  Whether it’s two students working together to produce a new video game or an entire class of campers creating a new Minecraft world, in-person feedback allows students to both adjust their product for their intended audience and be motivated to work through challenges.  Students feed off each other’s ideas and are encouraged when they see something another student was able to create.  When they get to walk up to another student’s computer to try out their game or view their new Minecraft Mod, they are excited to persevere on their own product to be able to share it with others.

HTL Google Places 2

This Summer 2017, we plan on continuing the amazing things we have done for over 5 years.  The above beliefs will motivate us as we do our part in helping kids become our country’s future innovators and collaborators.  View our camps and schedule to learn more about how you can get your child involved in a great summer experience.



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