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99% of families agreed their kids had a great time participating in our programs.

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“My boys loved these camps. I will never forget how proud they were to welcome my husband and I into their summer camp and show off their amazing games. My middle son still talks about the game he created on Kodu.” Read more.

Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan
Pittsburgh Mom, Blogger, and Author

My son enjoyed the program very much. He already knew a great deal about Minecraft, but he told me that he learned how to “tweak” things like enhancing redstone. I think it’s a fantastic creative class that kids can partake in safely. Highly recommend!

Cindy Moran
McMurray (Peters), PA

This was a great opportunity for our son who felt completely within his domain. He was beyond excited to come, which is not always his reaction to summer camps.

Lisa Schraeder
Export, PA

This program gave my child a chance to see what goes into the Minecraft games that he enjoys and how to do things with it that most children don’t get to realize.

Lesley Bach
Ross Township

Affordable, user-friendly, exciting for the kids, and a great way to improve their collaboration skills with others.

Helen Davis, MD
Monroeville, PA

It allowed my boys to socialize and collaborate with other kids, as well as the opportunity to meet new kids with the same interests.

Ann-Marie Jaffee,
Upper St Clair, PA

This is a great program because it provides a supportive educational environment within which children can safely explore the medium of online gaming.   It also allows him to make progress in terms of 21st century skills.

Chris Leininger and Lisa Troiani
Beaver, PA

Fun to have time to develop skills and plan a final project based on your own imagination.

Rachel Schaffner
Pittsburgh, PA

My son very much enjoyed the unique opportunity to focus on Minecraft in such an intensive learning format with instructors and hands on experiences.

Julie Mikus
Hampton Township, PA

My son loves electronics. Most of his use is for entertainment.  It is awesome that he can utilize a computer for learning and creativity. He loved the class and was always excited to attend. In addition, it is my understanding that my son was able to work with others, big accomplishment.

Anna Bass
Leetsdale, PA

It taught her more than just Minecraft. The innovation, collaboration, and problem solving skills are great building blocks.

Kristie Coppola
Houston, PA

This program gave him a chance to express his creativity. In the camp, he was exposed to 3D printing. This is amazing!

Selma and Alan Ferra
Sewickley, PA

Both of my children have looked forward to attending “minecraft camp” every day. This was the second year they have done it. It was a highlight of summer vacation last year and again this year.

Elizabeth Toman
Pittsburgh, PA

My son couldn’t wait to be old enough to take this class. And it surely did not disappoint! He was up early every day and couldn’t stop talking all day about what he learned. It was fantastic to be able to connect him with something constructive concerning his favorite video game!

Kim Inkenhaus
McDonald, PA

Great learning experience and fun too. The instructors were awesome.

Debra Zabrucky
Pittsburgh, PA

This was the first activity our son was excited about and wanted to come to every class.

Jessica & Michael Kendlick
Cranberry Township, PA

My son (10 years old) had a great time working with other kids his age playing and building in the Minecraft world he loves so much. He learned new skills and applied them immediately at home showing and teaching his younger siblings the things he learned.

Carey Lowen
Sewickley, PA

My son was very excited to learn about 3D printing technology and to actually get a printed model of his own creation. Great program to introduce the kids to the latest technology and let them explore. Thank you!

Christine Rakolta
Imperial, PA

This program opened my son’s eyes to the world of creation. He is extremely motivated now, thank you! 

Lauren Chojnicki
Pittsburgh, PA

This class was the highlight of my son’s summer. The staff was so professional and he got a lot of individual attention.

Tina Baker
Monroeville, PA

My two children (ages 6 and 11) have attended several of Hi Tech Leaning’s camps.  We always take the opportunity to attend these camps because the kids love them and they learn so much.  The teachers are enthusiastic and knowledgeable and they get kids into age appropriate material that they might not to be exposed to until high school if it weren’t for these camps. Many of the programs used in the camp are available online for free; so the kids can continue working on them after the camps get them familiar with the basics.  My 6 year old’s last camp ended three weeks ago, but he just programmed a new game for himself yesterday!  I highly recommend these camps.

Clare Conry-Murray
Fair Oaks, PA

Both my children looked forward to Hi-Tech learning camp.  They were excited developing new skills and had a great sense of pride in what they produced.  They enjoyed being surrounded by children with common interest.  As they developed their computer skills they also enhanced their writing, drawing and problem solving skills.  But, to them, it was just plain fun!”

“By collaborating with a partner, the children had to determine which of their ideas were most important to the project.  It wasn’t all about them.  They had to listen to their partner’s ideas and negotiate the idea process.  My children were excited to show, not only their work ,but the work of the other students.  They appreciated the creative process and how each project could be completely different.  There was no sense that one was better an another.  Everyone was creative.”

“I appreciate the enrichment aspect of Hi-Tech Learning.  I like to offer my children the ability to grow and develop in the area(s) of their interest.  Hi-Tech Leaning builds their interest creatively and satisfies them beyond the traditional classroom.  I appreciate that Mr. Walk and Mr. May seek out new technology and offer it in a matter that keeps my kids asking for more.

Janet Huddleston
Sewickley, PA

Hi-Tech Learning is also happy to be Macaroni Kid Approved.  Macaroni Kid is an online publication for families that gives information on quality programs for kids.   “For this reason we are pleased to present Hi-Tech Learning with Macaroni Kid’s Seal Of Approval.  Our experience with Hi-Tech Learning has been nothing short of stellar in all capacities and their offerings are unique to our area and of value to our tech savvy kiddos!  We are very careful to only recommend companies we have personally used or that we have worked with successfully in the past.  Companies that meet and fit our own core business and personal family friendly values here at Macaroni Kid of Pittsburgh LLC.”  Click here to read the full article.

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